Ostrikova: “The government has to be trembling when the Accounting Chamber will present a devastating conclusion”

The parliament has elected the personal composition and the chairman of the Accounting Chamber. As noted by a Samopomich deputy Tetiana Ostrikova, despite the fact that the new law on the Accounting Chamber was adopted as far back as 2015, unfortunately, it is only now that the parliament has managed to use its constitutional powers and finally appointed the personal composition of this body.

“The Accounting Chamber is a body that should control the current government. Among its powers, there is, in the first place, auditing of the spending of the state budget and, very importantly, control of the use of international loans.

But today we are not using this instrument of parliamentary control so far. And given the fact how long it has taken to finally form the Chamber, it all adds up to unfortunate conclusions – the authorities are resisting the creation of independent bodies aimed at controlling them, so the former are willing to do everything to discredits the already created bodies – I mean NABU and SBI – and to postpone the formation of the new ones,” says Tetiana Ostrikova.

The MP also added that in developed countries the Accounting Chamber is an independent external controller of public finances, while its members and head have the immunity from any changes in the political arena.

“The Accounting Chamber must be a real threat to the government system based on corruption and kleptomania. Therefore, today in addition to choosing its composition, we also should change our attitude and the basis of the functioning of this body. The government has to be trembling when the Accounting Chamber will present a devastating conclusion on a particular operation in which it will see the misuse of budget funds. This conclusion should be a verdict for corrupt officials and those who are currently plundering the state funds,” stated Tetiana Ostrikova.

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