Ostrikova: The government must immediately submit a plan for the reform of the State Fiscal Service and the Customs and organize a competition for the position of SFS head

While the government provides an increase in funding for law enforcement agencies by 23% in the draft state budget for 2019, at the customs throughout the country, there are delays in customs clearance of goods. These delays are initiated by law enforcement agencies, which, in such a way, are exercising pressure on business. And all this is happening during the harvest and export period!

MP Tetiana Ostrikova from the Samopomich faction notes, “Being the head of the Customs Subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada, over the recent weeks, I have been receiving complaints about the fact that in the area of Odesa customs, customs processing of grain for export has been significantly delayed by the law enforcement bodies. The latter are looking for fictitious exports at the customs. How can it be fictitious at the customs if the exported grain is available and ready for customs inspection?”

Tatyana Ostrikova continues, “The Security Service is also delaying the customs clearance of the charcoal at one of the customs posts of the Volyn customs. But for some reason, the Security Service is not interested in the termination of bribery in the field of importing cars with European registration!”

Therefore, the MP demands that the government immediately submit a plan for the reform of the State Fiscal Service, in the first place. Secondly, the government must hold a competition for the senior positions in the department.

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