Ostrikova: “We need to postpone till autumn the fines for cars that have not performed customs clearance”

The owners of cars with European registration once again protested outside the Verkhovna Rada. There were numerous requirements, but the main one concerns fines. Tetiana Ostrikova, a representative of Samopomich, explains that the date of May 23 is approaching. This is the day when fines will come into force for those who imported cars with the European registration and have not performed customs clearance. The Cabinet of Ministers ignored this protest altogether. But Ostrikova expected nothing else from ministers.

“We remember how several times we demanded the government to decide what our state’s car policy is – either we are a state of import or we are a state of our own production, which de facto is not true. The government shifted this responsibility to the parliament. That is why MPs, in particular, Mrs. Yuzhanina introduced the bill which reduced excise taxes on vehicles and at the same time introduced these draconian fines.

Moreover, neither the Ministry of Finance, nor the State Fiscal Service knows the exact number of cars having European licence plates, Ostrikova notes.

“At first, we said there were 600 thousand of them, then 140 thousand passed customs clearance, where did the rest go? Are they taken out, dismantled, staying somewhere in garages? But government agencies do not know the number of remaining vehicles. Someone says that there are 200 thousand of them, others – 300 thousand; the very owners of such cars say that there is a million of them left. Accordingly, if this problem exists, we cannot drive all our citizens into such fines – and a delay of more than 10 days costs 170 thousand hryvnias of fine. If a person did not have 2-3 thousand euros for customs clearance, then they will not be able to pay 170 thousand hryvnias of fine either. We will get another collapse!”

Ostrikova urges to treat owners of cars with European registration fairly. Among them there are people for whom this was the only opportunity to buy a car. There are victims of fraudsters who called themselves customs brokers and lured money and original documents. Do not forget that the Ukrainian customs simply could not cope with so many cars.

“We have created a discriminatory situation for our citizens – someone went first and managed to get the customs clearance, while someone else could not do this. And we, as the Verkhovna Rada, have not offered any preferential way for such low-income categories of citizens.

“How to get out of this situation? Tetiana Ostrikova says that the way out is simple: “We need to technically move this date and give people the opportunity to perform customs clearance with the excise tax exemption. There is a law delaying the date on which fines come into force for 90 days, and it can be passed. We can postpone this date till the new year and never return to this issue again.”

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