Ostrikova: The position of the President today is above the law

MP Tetiana Ostrikova notes that the position of the President of Ukraine is so alluring and promising today because it is above the law. That is why there are so many candidates and the elections look like a battle for life or death.

“The position of the President is provided for in the Constitution of Ukraine, but nothing is said about who the President should report to and if he is a subject to any law enforcement agency. The President enjoys the right of immunity, but there is no law on the procedure for removing this immunity.

In fact, the head of state can do what he wants; there is no order of bringing him to justice provided in any law. A vivid example is when the President spends taxpayers’ money.”

“For example, the current President allocated about a billion in the budget-2019 for young people, but it is not known how these funds will be spent.”

The President neither reports to people or to the Verkhovna Rada about the means used. Even if a people’s deputy wants to submit a request to the President, he must be supported by a vote of the Verkhovna Rada. This is why almost all requests to the President fail.”

The powers of the President, prescribed in the Constitution, are exceptional, but they are constantly expanding:

“For example, it is not provided there that the President can appoint the chairman of the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities or the heads of regional departments of the SBU. Yet, the President does this.”

Samopomich has developed a draft law “On the President of Ukraine”, which establishes the rules for a person in office of the President and provides for effective safeguards against abuses. “This document clearly says: The President can do only what is provided for in the Constitution. He does not have the authority to appoint and influence regulators and should not appoint the heads of regional SBU departments, because the Constitution does not provide for this,” states Tetiana Ostrikova.

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