Ostrikova: “For as long as the parliament does not reduce excise duties, there can be no repressions against drivers with foreign licence plates”

During an hour of questions to the government, MP Tetiana Ostrikova from the Samopomich faction appealed to the Prime Minister to prevent sanctions against the owners of the cars with foreign registration by the time the parliament resolves this issue on a legislative level.

“For three days, the government quarter has been blocked by the owners of the cars with foreign registration who are demanding the repeal of the government’s resolution on combating smuggling.

However, this resolution does not say anything about the cars with foreign licence plates. Yet people have been misinformed by someone and they are expecting reprisals with confiscation of cars and fines in the amount of 170,000 hryvnias.

Our state has not created its own car manufacturing industry, there is no accessible crediting. But there are artificial barriers to imports in the form of eco-standards and ultra-high excises. Therefore, by the time we reduce the excise taxes for all citizens of Ukraine, for anyone who wants to buy a used car, let us leave alone the owners of the cars with foreign licence plates,” said Tetiana Ostrikova.

The head of the government agreed that there could be no repressions against the owners of the cars with foreign registration and said he would hold talks with the National Police and other responsible bodies to make sure nobody would horrify people by the time of the legislative settlement of this matter.


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