Ostrikova: Parliament must deal with the customs issues

Samopomich deputy Tetiana Ostrikova is asking her colleagues to immediately pass the laws under the association agreement with the EU. First of all, we are talking about amendments to the Customs Code regarding authorized economic operators, which the Verkhovna Rada should adopt this week, at least in the first reading, and the draft law on the General transit mode.

She has also appealed to the government demanding immediate actions in relation to the Kherson customs.

“Agrarians are now importing fertilizers for fertilizing winter crops. If this is not done on time, we will lose 20-30% of the harvest. And today we have the Kherson customs delaying the customs clearance of vessels with ammonium nitrate. A ship has been waiting there since Friday, 4 hours for customs clearance are long over. Obviously, obstacles are being artificially created to make the enterprise offer the customs some illegal compensation for the release of goods. I am appealing to the government asking to stop this immediately.”

Ostrikova also demands from the parliament to consider a bill on the extension of the grace period for the payment of excise tax on cars in order for everyone to have time to clear their cars.

“During the grace period, 139 thousand cars with European licence plates have managed to undergo customs cleared and paid 8.6 billion hryvnias to the budget, not 13 billion, as some media report. The latter figure is the amount of money from the customs clearance of all cars for the last 90 days, not just those with European licence plates. These are 8.6 billion hryvnias that will go to the Pension Fund. It is obvious now that not everyone has managed to use their right, because there are huge queues and massive violations of the rights of citizens at the customs,” said Tetiana Ostrikova.


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