Ostrikova: “The oligarchic majority in the parliament buried the investigation in its own interests”

Samopomich MPs submitted a bill that could cancelled the scandalous amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code, which came into force today and will now lead to the collapse of law enforcement agencies and investigative judges. However, the parliament did not find enough votes to support this bill.

“Our bill was called to rectify the situation when all investigators will be virtually “driven” to 25 Ukrainian courts in order to pass a search warrant, an order on the seizure of property and the one for examination in criminal cases.

It will be necessary to receive such court orders and warrants in regional centres in case of any death in order to establish whether it was a violent death. We suggested that the Rada correct these harmful norms.

But the oligarchic groups of the parliament are so afraid of independent law enforcement agencies, in particular NABU, that they want to monitor all criminal cases through these 25 courts in regional centres. I emphasize that they are absolutely indifferent to the problems that ordinary people will encounter: delays with the burial of the deceased, queues in courts and other red tape in criminal cases, which, by the way, will lead to a new surge in corruption,” noted Tetiana Ostrikova.

Tetyana Ostrikova
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