Ostrikova: The state did not give people the opportunity to prepare for the customs clearance of the cars with the European registration

Only 222 cars with European licence plates have undergone the customs clearance under the new law last week. Samopomich deputy Tetiana Ostrikova explained why the number is so small. People look for funds, find out what documents are needed for this, and make them.

“This week, I have visited Vinnytsia customs and have talked with the head of Kyiv customs. I came to the conclusion that car owners are in no hurry to perform the customs clearance for a number of reasons – some of them are finding out what documents they need, some are still in the process of obtaining these documents, some are looking for money to pay for customs duties, while others are waiting for concessions from the authorities or simply cannot understand our customs legislation. The customs procedures are confusing. Therefore, people do not always clearly understand what kind of documents they need. Moreover, it was only on Wednesday that the Cabinet of Ministers approved a temporary procedure for customs clearance of such cars, where there is a list of documents that people need to provide at the customs.”

Tetiana Ostrikova has created a kind of reminder for drivers. It contains the answers of the State Fiscal Service to frequently asked questions. Of course, a person can use the services of a customs broker, but they are not free of charge.

“The legislation does not prohibit filling out and submitting the customs declaration on your own, but this is done using special software and is signed with an electronic signature. There are all sorts of specific issues in the process of filling out the declaration and one mistake can entail refusal or even bringing to administrative responsibility. Therefore, people are forced to pay customs brokers.”

So, in order to do everything properly and in time with no mistakes and overpayment – read the instructions prepared by the State Fiscal Service at the request of Tetiana Ostrikova.

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