Ostrikova: “The more we delay the inauguration date, the more President Poroshenko awards all sorts of prizes to all sorts of people”

MP Tetiana Ostrikova states that the position of Samopomich is very clear – the newly elected President should take office as soon as possible.

She emphasizes: “The more we delay the inauguration date, the more President Poroshenko awards all sorts of prizes, honorary titles and orders to all sorts of people. For example, the other day theку was information that Poroshenko promoted the head of a notorious SBU department General Demchyna. We see various personnel changes, attempts to seize power in the Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting, etc. The longer he remains in office, the more of his people he will plant. This should not be allowed. Let the newly elected President work.”

Ostrikova also explained who and how was delaying the inauguration in the Verkhovna Rada.

“The regulatory committee is not considering the decree on the appointment of the inauguration date. It is formally headed by the representative of the “Narodnyi Front” faction. And it is “Narodnyi Front”, in the person of its top-speakers, that tells us it is impossible to hold the inauguration on May 19 and it is necessary to postpone it till May 28.”

We shall note that on May 28 the Verkhovna Rada will already have its immunity – the last six months of its term when the dissolution cannot be carried out.

Ostrikova notes: “It is clear that “Narodnyi Front” is afraid of dissolution and early elections. Is there any point in being afraid of the parliament dissolution? If the parliament inaugurates the President, if the parliament considers his bills – that is, will be able to function – then there will be no grounds for its formal and legal dissolution.”

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