Ostrikova: “Because of illegal schemes at customs, the budget loses at least 100 billion hryvnias every year”

“Today in Ukraine, there is no one in the executive branch who would systematically deal with customs issues. Therefore, the state budget annually loses hundreds of billions of hryvnias,” says Samopomich’s deputy Tetiana Ostrikova. If this money went to the budget, then it would be possible to lower the tariffs, build new hospitals and high-quality roads. But now all this money exists in parallel to the budget – in the pockets of shadow businesses.

“It is possible to change the situation – there is a solution, we only need the political will to implement it,” says Ostrikova.

  1. We need to build a strong customs administration. “But today the competition is blocked because of the lawsuit filed by Petro Poroshenko Bloc’s representative. So one person has actually made the creation of a whole institution a hostage.”
  2. The law on the joint transit regime between Ukraine and the EU and EFTA countries. “This will put an end to part of the schemes at customs because we will have a single electronic document on the movement of goods from the sender’s warehouse abroad to the recipient’s warehouse in Ukraine. And most importantly – we will get access to the automated data exchange with EU countries, we will have information about the goods that go to us. This law can guarantee our joining the common customs area with the EU.”
  3. To regulate an automated information exchange. “But with whom in foreign countries should we exchange data on goods and customs value if Ukraine has no customs administration?”

2019 is the year when Ukraine has to pay back its foreign debts. And it is already clear that the government will have to borrow money from the IMF and other lenders once again in order to pay for previous debts. Therefore, we will need at least 6 years to pay for those debts that we already have. This money is inside the country, says Tetiana Ostrikova.

“Special operations to combat the “grey” import are being conducted. Yet the budget losses remain unchanged. We see the treasury data – in the course of 5 months, only 80% of what is indicated in the budget plan has been implemented.”

Ostrikova calls on the government to unblock the creation of the customs service and to systematically fight for the return of funds to the budget.

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