Opposition deputies organized “Opposition Headquarters” in Poltava

The opposition deputies of the Poltava city council (representing Samopomich, Svoboda, Social Democratic Party), a number of public organizations and activists, in response to the events overnight into 6 April, have organized “Opposition Headquarters” at the city executive committee. This is a public initiative that emerged following the bloody confrontations.

Now the citizens of Poltava are presenting a number of requirements to the head of the city, as well as to the Verkhovna Rada:

  1. To adopt a decision on the early elections of the Poltava mayor.
  2. To appoint an extraordinary session of the city council, in the agenda of which the following issues must be included: the issue of the moratorium imposed on small architectural forms and the cancellation of decisions on scandalous buildings (“Hazetnyi Riad”, 45 Mazepy Street, Kotliarevskyi movie theater, Pryrichnyi Park in Levada microdistrict).
  3. Demand to the Ministry of Internal Affairs: to dismiss I. Stepanenko from the position of chairman of the police attestation commission.
  4. To dismiss the first deputy mayor M. Shevchenko.
  5. To punish those responsible for stabbing the protesters during the confrontations near the arch in the city centre.
  6. To close criminal proceedings against the activists who protected civilians from Kremenchuh “tityshky.”

To the main list, in which the top demand is re-election of the mayor, at the suggestion of a Samopomich deputy of the city council, Dmytro Senchakovych, one more requirement was added:

“My colleagues from the faction and I believe it will not be enough to change the mayor. All the same, there will be no productive work of the deputy corps. Therefore, our proposal is as follows: together with the mayor’s election initiate re-election of city council deputies. We are ready to give up our mandates and take part in the re-elections.”

It looks like very soon we might see electoral processes in Poltava, because today on the official website of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc “Solidarity” a message was published stating that the presidium condemned the actions of local deputies that had led to the blood-shedding events in Poltava.

“The presidium of the party addresses the voters with an appeal to initiate the procedure of recalling the deputy of the regional council, I. Stepanenko, as well as the deputies of the city council, whose decisions contributed to the development of the conflict situation related to the  building at the address 27 Sobornosti Street,” says the statement.

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