«A renewed CEC is the key to an effective parliament” – Roman Semenukha

Despite the statements of the dignitaries of the coalition, the Verkhovna Rada has not renewed the composition of the Central Election Commission this week.

Presently, 13 out of 15 CEC members are actually not effective anymore, since their tenure has ended. By the way, it was the 7th tenure of the Verkhovna Rada that had to renew the composition of the commission. However, instead of doing this, the then parliament adopted amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On the Central Election Commission”, which removed the regulation on the unacceptability, inadmissibility, prohibition of CEC members’ participation in its sessions if their powers have ended.

“This fact calls into question any decision taken by the CEC, in particular, on the results of the next elections to the united territorial communities that will be held on April 29,” says MP Roman Semenukha.

The people’s deputy also draws attention to the fact that it has become a trend of the current authorities to have everybody “in an acting capacity”.

“For a long time, most of the members of the Accounting Chamber, the Human Rights Ombudsman, and many regional and district managers were in “acting” status, because it is a very convenient way to manage people,” notes Roman Semenukha. “After all, on the one hand, criminal proceedings might be launched against such leaders, while, on the other hand, they are only acting managers. So it is easier to exercise power this way and thus get politically motivated decisions.”

The MP also stresses the need for the parliament to consider legislative initiatives on ensuring the quality of the electoral process. These are the bills on electronic protocols and the new electoral code which should be considered in the second reading.

“The country has been waiting for results for weeks, the members of the precinct commissions are humiliated, which humiliates the very electoral process,” says Semenukha. “As for the new electoral code, it should be adopted as soon as possible. Election of deputies on a proportional basis through open lists will qualitatively update the new parliament and ensure the legitimacy of the process.”

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