“The oligarchic regime wants to gain full power again through officials and vassals” – Oleh Bereziuk

The uprising of 2013-2014 seriously frightened the oligarchs, but de facto it did not become a revolution, because the oligarchic regime remained in power. People stood up for the idea of a free democratic life, but the authorities have not changed. Now the oligarchs are trying to regain the full power, and they have launched their revenge on several fronts. This was reported by the chairman of the Samopomich faction in the Verkhovna Rada Oleh Bereziuk during a press conference in Lviv.

The first front is the destruction of budgetary decentralization. “The modern Magdeburg law is being destroyed – cunningly, in a creeping way. The draft budget 2018 provides for the conditions for the elimination of budgetary decentralization. Reverse subsidies of 80%, shifting to cities the functions that are not inherent to them; consequently, mayors will be forced to beg the government offices for help,” says Oleh Bereziuk.

The second front is the destruction of opponents, a brutal reprisal against those who have their own opinion and do not succumb to the authorities. The mayor of Mykolayiv, who has the support of 50% of the population, was blatantly dismissed. The secretary of the Lutsk city council is not allowed to take up a post of the acting mayor following the death of the city mayor. First deputy chairman of the Lviv regional council was fired for her principled position of confrontation with the oligarchic authorities. The city of Lviv was artificially piled with rubbish.

The third front includes the persecution and arrest of public activists, heroes, who have defended the independence of Ukraine. “Those people who are fighting against the trade with the occupier are arrested in the middle of the streets. The fighters of the volunteer battalions who were the first to defend the people and honour of the state are now in jails,” Oleh Bereziuk underscores.

The MP is convinced that the destabilization in Lviv and the Lviv region is a sign of the revenge of the oligarchic system. “The oligarchs’ plan is to make it bad everywhere. This is the work aimed at discrediting Ukrainian independence. In Lviv region we have one of the worst emergency medical care systems. In Slavske, there was no ambulance operating for a whole month, because the car had broken down. In the village of Drahany near Yavoriv, children cannot get to the school for a month – there is no road, and the driver of the school bus does not want to go there. Perhaps the authorities should tackle real problems?” concluded Oleh Bereziuk.

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