Olena Sotnyk: “Today a lot depends on people more than ever”

The next year, for which both presidential and parliamentary elections are planned, is a Rubicon for Ukraine. MP Olena Sotnyk of the Samopomich Union parliamentary faction is convinced of this.

She explains, “This will be a war of the worlds. That is, this will be the war of the Russian Federation for influence. That means individual political forces and campaigns will receive external funding, and perhaps there will be even some more drastic scenarios, especially during the electoral process.”

The lawmaker underscores that in four years after the Revolution of dignity, the country has not managed to properly prepare for the challenges that it is going to face in connection with the elections. “We did not bring to justice the people who made it all possible in 2014, who made the war possible,” emphasizes Olena Sotnyk. “We have not dealt with our key weaknesses which let Russia get into our country again and again. I am talking about the media, politicians, and business.

Let me remind you that we continue the trade with Russia. Russia is one of our key economic partners, and this is nothing less than economic influence. We have not achieved energy independence either. We are still on the hook of the Russian Federation and the stories we are told about a thousand days without Russian gas are also lies, because we are still buying Russian gas all the same through the reverse-flow deliveries of gas, even though Ukraine is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of its gas reserves. As for gas production, over these four years, we could have easily provided ourselves with gas by 100%.”

The People’s Deputy concludes, “Today a lot depends on people more than ever. Talks like “you do not influence anything”, “it doesn’t matter who you vote for, it’s still the same picture, the same trouble” – I think, they are the key manipulation that has always been used in Ukraine. The key is not to believe in them.”

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