Olena Sotnyk: “I am urging our colleagues in the world and in Europe to isolate Russia as a terrorist state”

The Verkhovna Rada has ratified the Agreement between Ukraine and the Kingdom of the Netherlands on international legal cooperation in the issues connected with the crimes related to the shooting down of the MH17 flight of Malaysian Airlines on July 17, 2014. During the discussion of the document, MP Olena Sotnyk emphasized, “Three hundred people boarded the plane being absolutely sure that the world was safe. They flew home, to their relatives, to scientific conferences and were sure there were no threats. But they did not know that there was Putin and there was the Russian Federation – a terrorist state.

One might ask what good this ratification does? It can lead to the fact that Putin will be finally convicted as an international murderer. And not only for the deaths of these three hundred people, but for many many more. I believe that the conclusions of the international investigating commission are sufficient to not only imprison Putin, but also to recognize the Russian Federation as a terrorist state.

Let me remind you that the recognition of a state as a terrorist one entails corresponding consequences, including the complete isolation of the country in any international relations. This is what I am urging our colleagues in the world and in Europe to do – to isolate the Russian Federation as a terrorist state.”

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