Olena Sotnyk: This parliament has once again proved that it is not independent

Olena Sotnyk is outraged by the reaction of her colleagues to the speech of Prosecutor General Lutsenko during his report in the Verkhovna Rada on the investigation of attacks on activists.

“This parliament has once again proved that it is not an independent parliament. You were offended by the Prosecutor General from the rostrum. He humiliated us all. Yet, some of you applauded this. If you think that this will somehow end well for each of us, then you are very much mistaken.”

Olena Sotnyk reminded that under the Constitution, Ukraine is a parliamentary-presidential republic. And state bodies are controlled by the parliament.

“Therefore, the Prosecutor General cannot say, “I will not provide you with documents, I will not provide you with explanations or information. Mind your own business!” Because this is our business – people elected us to the parliament to control these bodies. And we are responsible to people. And yet you applaud when they call you filth.”

“In fact, the majority of deputies here are dependent. It seems to me that this is a critical point for this parliament’s existence,” said Olena Sotnyk.

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