Olena Sotnyk: Samopomich has done everything to save the interests of Ukraine

People’s deputies of the Samopomich Union faction are blocking the presidium of the Verkhovna Rada in order to prevent voting for the presidential bill on the reintegration of the occupied territories of Donbas. According to MP Olena Sotnyk, the faction is convinced that the adoption of this document is a fatal mistake.

“Firstly, in this way we legalize Russia’s presence in the occupied territories, as stipulated by the “Minsk agreements”, which have never been ratified by Ukraine and were signed – let me remind you – by a terrorist Zakharchenko. So in fact, the President suggests making the “Minsk agreements” binding.

Secondly, this law does not specify the dates of the occupation. This means that from the legal point of view, the occupation will begin only when the President signs the law. What has been going on for the last three years then? Is anybody responsible for this?

Thirdly, there is another very important issue. The transitional provisions suggest providing the President with an authority to use the Armed Forces of Ukraine for an indefinite period, under any conditions, even in peacetime without a permission of the parliament. We cannot endanger either civilians or military. Because today we have one president, tomorrow we will have a different one, while the law is adopted for years.

And most importantly – this law does not establish Russia’s responsibility for the occupation at all. The bill submitted by Samopomich clearly states that Russia is responsible for all losses – financial and human ones. This secures Putin’s direct path to The Hague,” Olena Sotnyk explains.

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