Olena Sotnyk: We are witnessing an absolute imitation of judicial reform in Ukraine

People’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, Olena Sotnyk, during her speech in the parliament has mentioned the facts that confirm that the government is imitating the implementation of the reform which is most expected by the society after the Revolution of Dignity – the judicial system reform.

“Obviously, the authorities refused to introduce and vote for the law on an anti-corruption court. This law was submitted more than a month ago, but unfortunately, not a single step has been taken to consider it. Probably the authorities are afraid that some of their friends might be imprisoned, including the President’s friends.

A loud scandal broke in the process of selecting candidates for the Supreme Court of Ukraine. Already today members of the Public Council of Virtue have voiced the suspicions of the High Qualification Commission of Judges in fraud. I have addressed the High Qualification Commission of Judges for this body to publish on its website all the written works of the candidates so that the society that has lost confidence in this contest could see on their own whether the results of the assessment are fair. This is the only way to restore confidence in this competition, otherwise we will be able to state that there have really been cases of fraud in the election of candidates.

A year ago we voted for the law on the High Council of Justice, and the High Qualification Commission of Judges received the opportunity to conduct a re-certification of judges. It was solemnly promised to people that all judges who would not pass this procedure would be dismissed. Unfortunately, today we can state that the High Qualification Commission of Judges has filed zero candidates to the High Council of Justice for dismissal. Out of 300 judges in the cases of Maidan only 33 have been dismissed – and this is only due to the Verkhovna Rada. However most of those 33 have already addressed the court to appeal this decision. The High Council of Justice has submitted to the disciplinary commission a list of only 5 judges to be dismissed; all the rest are working and administering justice.

In addition, we have recently seen an attempt to destroy the Constitutional Court and the possibility of protecting human rights in Ukraine,” said Olena Sotnyk.

The people’s deputy is calling on the authorities to remember that people will not tolerate the destruction of their hope for justice.

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