Olena Sotnyk: We are ready to support the judicial reform if these documents will improve people’s lives

For several days the Verkhovna Rada has been considering amendments to the draft law #6232, which introduces changes to a number of procedural codes and legislative acts.

MP Olena Sotnyk reports that the Samopomich Union faction is ready to support the paper if a number of principled positions that will improve the lives of Ukrainians instead of taking away from them the opportunity to protect themselves will be observed.

“Firstly, the MP emphasizes, everything concerning cassation appeals is extremely important for us, since this is the last resort for many people. If at this level you are deprived of the opportunity to achieve justice, in fact, all judicial system becomes meaningless. Secondly, the faction will insist on amendments concerning the openness of the court. And no less important is the observance of the procedural rights of the participants in the judicial process. They cannot be narrowed, since they are the guarantees provided by the Constitution,” the lawmaker explains.

However, according to the people’s deputy, the very voting for the changes to the judicial system has revealed serious problems in the work of the Verkhovna Rada committees.

“These several thousand amendments could have been and should have been considered in the relevant committee. But the thing is that the committee was in a great hurry. Let me remind you that there were intentions to put these codes to vote back in the summer, during the last week of the parliament’s previous session. Therefore, only three meetings of the committee were dedicated to these 4,700 amendments. This is very little. There was no time to consider the amendments profoundly, though this is what the committee is meant for.”

Finally, during the three sessional days the parliament hasn’t managed to support any amendments, because there are simply no necessary 226 MPs in in the parliamentary hall. “In the parliament there are 70 MPs at best. All the rest have simply left because they are not interested in it, they will only come for the final voting,” notes Olena Sotnyk.

Summing up she emphasizes that now the British Parliament has already been considering 62 amendments for three days. “For some reason no one accuses them that they are too slow in considering their amendments. Therefore, I think that our problem is that there is no professional discussion in the session hall,” the deputy concludes.

Olena Sotnyk
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