Olena Sotnyk: We are fighting for the rights of those tens of millions of people who seek help from courts annually but find no truth there

During her speech in the parliament people’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction Olena Sotnyk apologized to the Ukrainians who write appeals to the Samopomich faction and to her personally, as well as to those people who write these appeals, because they have despaired of corrupt, unjust courts.

“I’m very sorry, and I apologize for the fact that very often I cannot help you. I cannot help because the judicial branch of power, which is independent under the Constitution, is actually only independent from me and other people’s deputies. But it remains very dependent on the President and his direct political influence,” the MP notes.

According to her, for two weeks Samopomich has been trying to fight for the amendments to the procedural codes in order to correct this situation with corrupt, dependent courts that actually work for one person in the country.

“Procedural codes are those rules that protect you when you go to court; and even when there is an arbitrary judge, you know that you have rights. However, the proposed procedural codes will make us even more unprotected, and in fact the deputies will simply deceive you about what is really a judicial reform.”

Olena Sotnyk provides an example: changes to the procedural codes absolutely cancel out Article 55 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which establishes the right of every citizen to apply to a court. “That is, it will be a biased judge who will decide whether or not you can go to a cassation court. While for very many people, especially in criminal cases, these codes are the last resort. They will be left without this last hope with the codes like these.

Very often we ourselves face a situation when we have to seek help and defend our rights in courts. Samopomich is facing arbitrariness in Mykolayiv and Kharkiv. And we have no opportunity to defend ourselves in courts either. Therefore, we are fighting for our rights as well, this is true. But first of all – for the rights of those tens of millions of people who seek help in courts annually but find no truth there,” emphasizes Olena Sotnyk.

In addition, the MP says that the Prime Minister has no right to speculate stating that when considering amendments to the codes, MPs are delaying the pension reform. “This is not true. MPs have already increased the minimum wage and you, as head of the government, are required by the law on pension provision, to increase pensions. You should have done this 6 months ago,” says Olena Sotnyk.

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