Olena Sotnyk: Prosecutor General Lutsenko must resign!

MP Olena Sotnyk calls populist and groundless the statement of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, which is denied in the United States, that the US ambassador to Ukraine allegedly gave him a list of people whom she asked not to prosecute. In addition, such a statement can harm Ukraine in the international arena.

The parliamentarian notes: “I can only guess what it was done for. As the Prosecutor General, Mr. Lutsenko should know that such statements without proofs are a disgrace and a threat to the reputation of Ukraine!”

At the same time, the fact that no evidence was provided makes one think that the Prosecutor General has expressed groundless accusations. In such circumstances, the Prosecutor General must either resign himself or his dismissal must be initiated by the President, who is not only responsible for foreign policy, but also appointed Lutsenko to the post of the Prosecutor General.

Olena Sotnyk concludes: “It is a pity that officials who care only for their own promotion only do not think about the consequences of such statements for the country. Today, America is a key partner of Ukraine, which, among other things, has been consistently supporting us in the fight against the aggressor – the Russian Federation. Such reproaches of the Prosecutor General can have a serious negative effect both in the bilateral relations of Ukraine and the United States and in other international partners’ relation to Ukraine!”

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