Oleksandr Danchenko: “We risk depriving the budget of 6.3 billion hryvnias from tenders for 4G”

The Verkhovna Rada should adopt a law on electronic communications and a law on radio frequency resources by the end of 2017. Unless this is done, the IT industry runs the risk of ending up in a difficult situation, says deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Informatization and Communications Oleksandr Danchenko.

He explains: “First of all, unless we consider the basic for the telecom and IT industry bills on the electronic communications and radio frequency resource of Ukraine, it is doubtful we will receive 6.3 billion hryvnias from tenders for 4G.”

Secondly, notes Oleksandr Danchenko, these documents implement the directives and norms of the European Union on the digital economy and the single digital market of Ukraine.

In addition, the law on electronic communications solves a conflict which actually poses a threat of blocking the industry in 2018.

The MP says, “Through the law on licensing from 02.07.2015 we canceled almost all licenses. However, in the telecommunications law, which is twenty years old, all this remains. Therefore, from January 1, there will be not only a legal collision, but the whole industry of information and communication technologies will be blocked. There will be no 3G, no 4G, no revenues to the budget. It is unclear what the industry will have to do. It is in the law on electronic communications that this conflict is resolved.”

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