Oleksandr Danchenko: We see a lot of fuss around digitalization, but no support for it

Nowadays various politicians are talking about the importance of digitalization; however, the industry gets no real support in the country. MP Oleksandr Danchenko from the Samopomich faction, chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Informatization and Communication, states that a draft state budget for 2019 is yet another confirmation of this.

He specifies, “The industry that is growing, giving profits, is once again subjected to additional taxes. I insist on the total inadmissibility of raising the rental rate of 9% for radio frequencies.

We have been talking about this for a year. Operators have paid more than 18 billion hryvnias of fees. Every month, they pay 280 million hryvnias of rental payments. It is unacceptable to keep squeezing money out of the industry.

The deputy continues, “There is another problematic issue. We have a high-tech enterprise “Ukrainian Centre of Radio Frequencies”, which controls and prepares tenders for 3G, 4G, develops the efficiency of the use of radio frequencies. All their funds for development are taken away; nothing is left for the enterprise. If earlier they used to give 30% to the state, now they are giving 75%. Unless we get back to the rate of 30%, they will not be able to function next year.”

“I would also like to ask to increase the expenses of the National Commission implementing government regulation in the sphere of communications and informatization by 8 million hryvnias. The regulator has brought more than 2.5 billion hryvnias of additional revenues to the budget. And yet they cannot afford to buy a couple of computers,” concludes Oleksandr Danchenko.


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