Oleh Lavryk: “Today the state has taken another step towards the destruction of self-government”

The Court of Appeal of the Kherson region left unchanged the decision of the Skadovsk District Court, which removed Oleksandr Yakovliev from the position of mayor for a year. The defence team considers the decision illegal and politically motivated and is already preparing a cassation appeal.

According to Samopomich MP Oleh Lavryk, such a decision is a total disregard for the choice of the Skadovsk inhabitants, “All 7 points to which the defense team referred were found null and void by the court which decided to keep the decision of the first instance in force. It turns out that any person can be destroyed because of paper clips, a pen, a pencil or any other small thing if the current authorities want it. Today, the state has taken yet another step towards the destruction of self-government.”

A people’s assembly was held before the court session – people of Skadovsk came to support their mayor Oleksandr Yakovliev. However, there were some provocations too – activists with the opposite position appeared among the people and tried to disrupt the court session.

We shall recall that on December 28, the District Court of Skadovsk removed Oleksandr Yakovliev from his post of mayor for a year for an allegedly committed administrative offense related to corruption – the purchase of office supplies worth of 1,167 hryvnias. According to the judges, there “corruption actions” are connected with the fact that the office supplies were bought in a store that belongs to the wife of the mayor. Even though this is the only store in the city that sells such supplies. In addition, only the most necessary things at the lowest price in the city were bought for the mayor’s office.


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