Oleh Bereziuk addressed the Ambassador of Japan regarding the provision of a grant assistance for the Ternopil Psychoneurological Hospital

The institution participates in the “Kusanone” competition for the grant assistance of projects provided by the government of Japan.

The hospital has prepared three applications for the purchase of medical equipment. Namely, these are an ultrasound machine for the diagnostic department, an artificial lung ventilation apparatus, analyzers, etc.

“This hospital is an example of humanity and the preservation of human dignity in the provision of medical assistance. It has created amazing conditions not only for patients but also for doctors,” says Oleh Bereziuk. “Both the former and the latter feel protected here.”

Oleh Bereziuk notes that in terms of conditions this hospital knows no equals in Ukraine. It has modern observation wards with motion sensors, isolated wards, video surveillance, which guarantees the safety not only to patients but also to personnel.

Annually more than 12 thousand patients are treated in the hospital. This is the largest hospital in Ternopil region. However, in recent years, it has practically received no funding for the purchase of new equipment. While the current equipment already requires replacement.

“Today, it is very important to support those who have already made a breakthrough. This breakthrough was not an easy thing to do; after all, the majority of works here have been done without involvement of the budgetary funds,” adds Oleh Bereziuk.

Therefore, the MP has appealed to the Ambassador of Japan Shigeki Sumi with a request to assist in the provision of the grant funding to the institution.

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