Oleh Bereziuk: “The National Security Law is a declaration of building NATO standards”

The parliament has passed a law on national security and defence.

“We have taken a step towards our goal of joining NATO, which means a full-fledged military partnership with Western civilization, without which the Ukrainian statehood will not stand up to the incredible pressure of hostile Russia,” says Oleh Berezuk, chairman of the Samopomich faction.

According to the MP, the law declares positions regarding civil and parliamentary control over intelligence, budget expenditures, as well as the way to forming a new Ukrainian army administration, a new attitude to the Ukrainian soldiers.

“Yes, this is a declaration. And there are risks of sabotage in the conditions of total fraud of the oligarchic power. But this is the only possible option so far. Now, together with our partners in NATO, we need to create a real administrative military system that will finally replace the existing Soviet one,” concludes Oleh Bereziuk.


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