Oleh Bereziuk: There are oligarchs on one side and Sadovyi on the other

Despite two uprisings – the Orange Revolution and Euromaidan – the authorities in Ukraine have not changed and the priorities of the political elite are still very far from the real needs of the people. However, in the current presidential election, we have a chance to significantly reduce the gap between the authorities and the people.

Oleh Bereziuk, Chairman of the Samopomich Union faction in the Verkhovna Rada explains:

“Today we have an important phenomenon. Perhaps, our people are mature enough to choose the authorities that will reduce the gap between the needs of the people and the government in elections 2019.

Unfortunately, it looks like there is only one alternative to the oligarchy. There are oligarchs on one side and Sadovyi on the other.”

The parliamentarian continues, “That is why Sadovyi is so hated, that is why there was a garbage blockade in the city of Lviv. Even then, the President saw this alternative in Sadovyi and cynically wanted to destroy him.”

Summing up, Oleh Bereziuk addresses Ukrainians, “Do not choose programs, choose biographies. I think this is the best and easiest way to make a rational choice. Do not choose with your heart and fear. The President is intimidating people, “If not me, then this will be the end.” This is nonsense! Choose on the basis of biography. I think this is the way to make the least mistakes.”

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