Oleh Bereziuk: “The legal responsibility for the occupation rests with Russia”

“Samopomich faction’s difficult two-year path in the pursuit of making the parliament vote for the law that would recognize the occupied territories as occupied and Russia as the aggressor, and three very hard days of a step-by-step fight for clearer regulations in the text of the law. What we finally have today is probably the best the present parliament could have provided us with. The road of statehood development is hard, and now we have to go on and get better.”

According to Oleh Bereziuk, despite the furious resistance of dependent deputies, we have managed to defend a number of important things: “In particular, the legal responsibility for the harm caused by the occupation is clearly spelled out in this bill. We did not let them throw out the word “Russia” and forget to confirm the amendment that placed the legal responsibility for the aggression and damage on the Russian Federation.”

As for the shortcomings of the law, Oleh Bereziuk points out the following things: “If in the first article of this bill we said about the beginning of the occupation on February 20, this would be the better solution. But this hall and the dependent people are too weak to do so. The statement about the start of the occupation written in the preamble is legally weak and can be used by the enemy for the devaluation of the whole document.”

“Therefore, step by step we have to be building Ukrainian statehood next to, perhaps, the most powerful enemy of democracy that exists in the whole world – Russian despotism,” concludes the leader of the Samopomich faction in the parliament.

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