Oleh Bereziuk: Unity is about serving the people, not despots

During his speech in the Verkhovna Rada, the chairman of the Samopomich faction Oleh Bereziuk called upon parliamentarians to unite during the 7th session of the parliament in order to adopt the laws aimed at strengthening Ukrainian statehood and improving the life of citizens.
“Undoubtedly, unity means power. But we need to define the unity? Unity at the example of eastern despotism, when this is the fear of persecution, intimidation, annihilation, and beating that makes people unite to serve the interests of one person or several people? This is not the kind of unity that must be built in a democratic state.
Both the Samopomich parliamentary faction and the Samopomich party stand for the unity of people who have a common goal of statehood and improvement of the quality of human life. Our strength is in our unity, which should be based on the balanced governance of the state, not on the interests of several people.
Therefore, let us unite around the laws that preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country. And we are talking about a simple law written by many people’s deputies of the Verkhovna Rada – the law “On the occupied territories” – which gives rights to the people in the occupied territories, which will be able to protect our prisoners of war, Ukrainian soldiers and Ukrainians in the coming 50 and 100 years.
Let’s unite around the bill “On National Security”, which defines those responsible for security in the country. Who is responsible de jure today? Head of ATO? Does anybody know his name?
Let’s unite for civil control over the defence budget. Why today there are no ambulances on the front line to take our wounded soldiers out? Because the budget is allocated, while no one knows where it goes. No one knows how and why Ukroboronprom is not helping the Ukrainian army with its activities either.
Let’s unite around the pension reform. Let’s give people their due – let’s raise minimum pensions, cancel 15% of pension taxation and adopt such a pension reform that will develop Ukrainians, give them confidence in their future.
Similarly, unless we adopt the law on medical reform at this session, there will simply be no medicine anymore.
There are no verdicts on top corrupt officials, since the courts are blocking the cases investigated by NABU. Therefore, we must vote for the formation of an independent anti-corruption court,” said Oleh Bereziuk.
Summing up, the chairman of the faction noted that everyone in the country and in the parliament should remember the words of the Ukrainian classic Ivan Franko: “I am the son of the people that are rising up, though they have been closed in their cellars. I call for work, happiness and freedom.”

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