Oleh Bereziuk: For the first time in 25 years, we begin a dialogue with people before adopting the medical service reform

When considering the draft law on state financial guarantees for the provision of medical services and medicines, Samopomich MP Andriy Zhurzhiy addressed the parliamentarians:

“Let’s face it and tell people the truth – our medicine is destroyed today. For 25 years we’ve been promising we will improve something.” The former ministers, speaking from this rostrum, say that they have developed the best concepts possible. “I have a question – what exactly have you developed being ministers or the heads of the relevant committees? – Nothing, you only stole billions!

As a member of the working group that has finalized this bill, as an ignoramus in medicine, I want to say that this law is not about injections, not about medicine; it is about the money that the state allocates for the medical sphere and which is being plundered today.

The only goal of this bill is to ensure the fair receipt of the state money by doctors, patients, particular hospitals; to prevent doctors from becoming thieves, and to ensure they could earn decently and fairly if there are queues of people asking for their services. Therefore, let’s stop arguments, and let’s vote for this bill and take a step towards a quality medicine and towards protection of our citizens.”

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