Oleh Bereziuk: Inside and outside forces are pushing Ukraine to betray its national interests

Pushing Ukraine to implement the political part of the Minsk agreements and recognize the special status for Donbas can lead to Yalta-2 and surrender to Russia. This was stated by MP from the “Samopomich Union”, Oleh Bereziuk, after the meeting with the foreign ministers of France and Germany.
In particular, during the meeting, Oleh Bereziuk controverted the statement of French Minister Jean-Marc Herault that there is no alternative to “Minsk format” in settling the conflict in the Donbas. The MP said, “Minister Herault, there is always a plan B. “Samopomich” has a clear plan B. We are talking about political, military and economic isolation of Donbas.
According to the MP, because of this position “Samopomich” Union is suffering great pressure. “People are being prosecuted. City mayors, who are “Samopomich” representatives, are being prosecuted. In particular, tomorrow in Lviv the situation will be destabilized; buses will be set on fire, there will be people who will exercise pressure onto the “Samopomich” faction. But we will not change our position,” says Oleh Bereziuk.
The lawmaker is sure that it is the central government that is responsible for what may happen in Lviv tomorrow may occur in Lvov, because there are no objective reasons for destabilization of the situation in Ukraine. “The situations with garbage, buses, other issues are all provocations of the central government, which is perhaps bribing from Russian aggression by betraying Ukrainian sovereignty,” sums up Oleh Bereziuk.

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