Oleh Bereziuk: “The Ukrainian format means respect for Ukrainian sovereignty in the world”

kraine needs the Ukrainian format, not the Normandy or Minsk ones – says Samopomich.

The faction leader Oleh Bereziuk says: “There must be a Ukrainian format that will preserve Ukrainian statehood, sovereignty, and make Ukraine stronger. Donbas and Crimea are the territories occupied because of Russian aggression. This is what the Ukrainian position should be. It is true that the Normandy format is better than the Minsk one, because the Minsk format is a Russian format that leads to a complete loss of Ukrainian sovereignty. If we had implemented the political requirements of the Minsk agreements, we would have lost our sovereignty. But the parliament withstood, thanks to Samopomich among other things, and did not make the decisions required by the Minsk agreements.”

The rhetoric of our western partners has not changed over 5 years. This is confirmed by president Macron’s speech during the visit of the Ukrainian president to Paris. The French leader is still talking about the conflict in Donbas, and not the Russian aggression in Ukraine. He is still calling collaborators and enemies – separatists. The Crime is still not being mentioned, while Crimea and Donbas are identical from a legal point of view – the lands occupied by Russia.

Whereas the Ukrainian format, on which Samopomich insists, provides for the direct active participation of Ukraine, our Western partners, such as Poland, the Baltic countries, Hungary – the countries that suffered from Russian aggression in the 20th century – with the active participation of the United States and Britain.

“It is the Ukrainian format that can bring about stability, peace and respect for Ukrainian sovereignty in the world,” notes Bereziuk.

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