Oleh Bereziuk: What Ukraine needs today is a strong pressure from below

The Chairman of Samopomich Union faction urges people to exercise pressure on the authorities and the government, because the situation in the country is almost critical.

“Let me provide some evidence. First. Wherever we are – either in the Odesa region, Kharkiv or Lviv ones – we see one and the same picture: the criminals who killed Ukrainians in the war, who killed and pursued the fighters for Ukrainian independence are being cynically released from prisons. Whereas those who fight for the truth and for the people are persecuted. Malignant corrupt officials laugh provocatively in front of television cameras when they are acquitted in the courts.”

“In the meantime, ordinary citizens — teachers, doctors — are becoming victims of strange economic and social policies. Expenditures on teachers and doctors in small villages are “optimized”, that is, educational and medical institutions are simply being closed down. And the teachers who fight for their jobs are threatened with the prosecutor’s office and the police, who have nothing to do with them!

A vivid example of this is the situation in the Voyutychi community of the Lviv region, where an only school is being closed down”. Bereziuk notes, “Teachers have meagre wages, and the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Education and Science cynically say that these are problems of local authorities.

I want to emphasize. This is not a problem of local government. This is the government’s violation of the country’s Basic Law – the Constitution, which guarantees the right to education. I repeat again and again – the subvention per one student is underfunded in the country. And cases like this are all over the country: in villages and in cities. Optimization of expenses on medicine and education is a crime. At the same time all illegal schemes at the customs, Düsseldorf+, Rotterdam+ are actively working and no one is going to destroy them. So these are ordinary citizens who are being robbed.”

And the last thing. According to Oleh Bereziuk, the government is in no hurry to break with the northern aggressor. “Ukrainian oil and gas industry is in decline. Despite the reasoned and constructive protests of people from Boryslav, the fields and the entire infrastructure are being destroyed in order to make us even more dependent on Russian oil and gas.”

Oleh Bereziuk is appealing to ordinary people not to give up and to resist the authorities. “Today, Ukraine needs strong pressure from below because the government is under the power and pressure of oligarchs and criminals and is protecting their interests.”

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