Oleh Bereziuk: MPs should be treated just like ordinary people are

Today Ukrainians not only do not trust the central government, but they are also aggressively disposed to it. Oleh Bereziuk, Samopomich MP, believes that the problem lies in the fact that politicians do not keep their promises.

“Every MP who ran in the last election said they would abolish the parliamentary immunity, which is a symbol of impunity of the authorities in Ukraine,” says Oleh Bereziuk.

He is sure it is not enough only to make the Parliament remove the parliamentary immunity from the representative of the Opposition Bloc, Vadym Novinskyi; it is necessary to generally simplify this procedure.

“Samopomich” has registered a corresponding bill, and we know that there is a similar document recorded by the Chairman of the Parliament and other factions. We are ready for discussions,” adds Oleh Bereziuk.

However, according to the MP, even during those possible discussions “Samopomich” will still insist on two key points in the bill – on opportunity for deputies to opt out of the immunity, and on “making invalid” the foreign and Ukrainian passports of a definite Member of the Parliament after the Prosecutor General files the submission to lift his/her immunity to the Parliament.

Summing up, the politician emphasizes that the deputies should be treated equally with ordinary Ukrainians. “The trust will be greater when the government will be experiencing the same things as ordinary people are,” said Oleh Bereziuk.

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