Oleh Bereziuk: “The appointment of the current Prosecutor General is the greatest shame of this parliament”

Oleh Bereziuk, leader of the Samopomich Union faction in the parliament, believes it is possible to vote for the resignation of the current Prosecutor General as soon as on Wednesday at an extraordinary meeting. He notes: “This parliament has done a lot of good things, but the highest point of its disgrace was the appointment of the current Prosecutor General by changing the law and despite his lack of a relevant degree. We must fix this immediately!”

Bereziuk reckons that because of such a shameful appointment of the Prosecutor General justice did not win in Ukraine. And neither those who collaborated with the aggressor nor those who robbed and continue robbing the country’s budget were punished during those years.

We shall recall that the head of the Prosecutor General’s Office became the Prosecutor General on May 12, 2016 at lightning speed. The so-called “Lutsenko law” was adopted specifically for him. Thus, law degree requirement became optional for the Prosecutor General. This document was urgently signed by the Speaker and the President and immediately printed in “Holos Ukrainy” Gazette.

All this time, Samopomich has been advocating Lutsenko’s resignation from office and has been submitting the relevant requirements. And now, since we have a new president, the political force hopes for a winning solution.

This decision should be made immediately and will be a sign of the restoration of justice in Ukraine.

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