Oleh Bereziuk: The US president should meet with the head of the Ukrainian state before meeting with the Russian president

It is very important for Ukraine to hear a clear position of the US president regarding Russia. This opinion was expressed by Oleh Bereziuk, head of the Samopomich faction.

When communicating in the Capitol, Samopomich deputies learned that US congressmen and senators express their opinion that the US president must meet with the president of Ukraine on the eve of meeting with the president of the Russian Federation,

“We fully support this position. The fact that Ukraine has not been mentioned in the conversation between the presidents of the United States and Russia is a very bad sign. There are wars going on in the world – in Ukraine and Syria. The political war and propaganda of war are ongoing in the United States.”

According to Oleh Bereziuk, today Ukraine should be in the focus of the world politics’ attention. “However, we ourselves must insist on being heard – to make sure the world knows about our history and existence. This is our homework,” notes Oleh Bereziuk.

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