Oleh Bereziuk: “While the parliament is imitating legislative dementia, the oligarchs are withdrawing money to offshore territories”

The Ukrainian economy will develop and mass migration of citizens to the West will cease only when the oligarchs, who came to power 20 years ago and still remain in power, will start working for the benefit of the state. Meanwhile, emphasizes the chairman of the Samopomich faction in the Verkhovna Rada Oleh Bereziuk, they are only accumulating their capitals, which are always withdrawn to offshore territories in the end.

So far, politicians and officials are only imitating the fight against illegally acquired fortunes. Not only are they not adopting important laws, they are also preventing the work on the already adopted ones. Oleh Bereziuk says, “The example of this is the bill on transfer pricing that was adopted two years ago. This is the law that obliges the oligarchy to pay in the country. Why is it still not working?

Secondly, the customs. Why cannot we close the “black hole” of the Ukrainian customs? Because of the Ukrainian oligarchy and Ukrainian corruption. We have been talking about this for three years and we understand that those who decide on the issue simply do not want to do anything. And they will not!

Thirdly, for how long will the parliament pretend to have legislative dementia and will not be able to pass the law on the anti-corruption court? The document will become a barrier to the development of the oligarchy and will really change the governance system in the state. When the oligarchy needs to adopt a law, it is adopted within one day.”

However, the vitally important law on the anti-corruption court, says Oleh Bereziuk, is not being considered by the legal committee. The leadership of the Verkhovna Rada is ignoring the problem as well. The lawmaker emphasizes, “If the committee is not able to do this, the Verkhovna Rada Chairman should do this by convening a meeting of the committee and heading it in order to consider this issue. This would not only be a sign for the oligarchs to grow pensive, but also a sign for Ukrainian people that the state cares about their welfare.”

Meanwhile, the politician concludes, the domestic oligarchy wants to keep Ukraine in the outsourcing and make people entirely responsible for the internal problems.

Oleh Berezyuk
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