Oleh Bereziuk: Ukrainian Pension Fund is a big hole

According to the chairman of the Samopomich Union faction, Oleh Bereziuk, today there are at least two things that must be done to increase pensions: to launch the registry of natural persons in the country and to carry out an audit of the Pension Fund.

“First of all, the registry of natural persons. The country does not know how many real pensioners it has. The second thing is a reform of the Pension Fund. Ex-Minister of Finance – Natalia Yaresko – h s set up a pension expenditure department. This department has worked rather effectively: around 1 to 1.5 billion hryvnias are spent every month by the Pension Fund for pensions which do not correspond to reality; they go down the drain since they are paid to those who are not entitled to them. And if today the state increases pensions twice, this sum will make up 3 billion per month instead of 1.5. Consequently, in a year the lion’s share of the budget will go down the drain,” says Oleh Bereziuk.

According to the chairman of the faction, this is the reason why in January 2017 the government did not increase the size of pensions. “When the Prime Minister counted it all he must have had his hair stood on end. Because we have a real “hole” there. He could have done this, because this is a popular move after all. The minimum wage could have been increased to the level of 2,800 UAH, while the rest could have been given to pensioners. But this was not done, because the Pension Fund is a hole with which no one wants to cope,” concludes the deputy.

Oleh Berezyuk
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