Oleh Bereziuk: Parliament is ignoring the reality of this war

Ukraine is losing the opportunity to protect its citizens because of the authorities’ refusal to recognize the war in the east, which wounds and kills people every day. Oleh Bereziuk, head of the Samopomich faction in the parliament believes such a position is unacceptable and even criminal.

“Today, Ukrainian citizens who stayed in the occupied territory are deprived of their rights. The Ukrainian laws do not work there; neither does the legislation of the aggressor, because it denies its presence there. The international laws do not work either. The de facto refugees, and de jure temporarily displaced persons cannot be protected by any international law,” underscores Oleh Bereziuk.

He continues, “The most serious and symbolic is the fact that our prisoners of war are prisoners of war only de facto, not de jure.

Today, the Ukrainian state cannot defend their rights by using international law, since, the parliament, in particular, is ignoring the reality of this war and would not pass a law on the occupied territories, which could at least put everything in a de jure order.”

Moreover, instead of adopting the bill, it is just being passed from one committee to another. Thus, after numerous discussions of the document by the Committee for State Construction, it has ended up in the Committee for Defence and National Security.

“The Committee and the working group that had been working on it were suspended from making decisions. We consider this unacceptable and even criminal,” Oleh Bereziuk said.

He reminds once again, “The country needs this bill today. It is also the international community that needs it, because presently it does not understand why it should implement sanctions at a time when Ukraine even cannot provide its occupied territories with a legal status.”

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