Oleh Bereziuk: “The oligarchy is looking for any ways to stay in power”

According to the chairman of the Samopomich Union faction Oleh Bereziuk, the country is now controlled in a manual mode by absolutely criminal leadership – oligarchs and their “henchmen” are plundering people through tariffs and prices, and some of them are even ready to give up Ukraine’s sovereignty for the sake of their own enrichment.

The people’s deputy cites examples of the arbitrariness: “For two years in a row the Ministry of Finance refuses to provide funds for the program of emergency medical care. This sphere was reformed almost five years ago, but it catastrophically lacks funding. This year, the money for the salaries of the doctors of emergency medical service is provided for only a few months to go, while there is no money at all for the replacement of old cars. How is the government going to carry out new reforms if it cannot finance what has been long done?

In the Kherson region, the heads of the united communities are informed by the employees and managers of the State Fiscal Service that the market valuation of land is being reduced by 30%, although the budgets of the united territorial communities are calculated for 2018 at tentative prices. United territorial communities fantasize that it is exactly how the oligarchs in power are preparing the sale of land for a cheap price. What is this: blackmail of the UTC, taking them hostages or a desire to rob people?

10 minutes before the adoption of the budget for 2018, more than 10 billion hryvnias were taken away from medium-sized and small farmers and handed over to two or three oligarchs. Today, the law 7403-2, which should return this money to people, is not put to vote.

Also, the government and the Ministry of Finance persistently refuse to bring to the parliament a law on pensions for servicemen. Having failed people with the “reform” of the so-called pension modernization, the authorities cannot tell those who protect our country what their old years will be like.

All of this is a manual control of the state aimed at robbing people,” Oleh Bereziuk says.

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