Oleh Bereziuk: “The oligarchy will not deprive itself of power voluntarily. Therefore, this power must be taken away”

Politicians must recognize and tell the truth – Ukraine is run by the oligarchy and we must take power away from it if we want Ukraine to survive.

This was stated by the head of the Samopomich faction in the Verkhovna Rada Oleh Bereziuk.

He speaks about the results of such an oligarchic government: “Do you know why we have such tariffs today? The authorities, including two-thirds of the parliament, are owned by seven people in the country. The latter are creating circumstances that let them plunder the country’s budget. Today, the budget deficit makes up 200 billion. How is the deficit replenished? With the money from people’s pockets through ever-increasing tariffs.”

Another result of the “work” of the oligarchs is the fact that every day from 30,000 to 100,000 cubic meters of gas are uncontrollably “blown” into the atmosphere in the city of Boryslav.

“Why doesn’t Ukrnafta care about this? Because it is an oligarchic business that has bought the state, the Prosecutor General, the judicial system, which does not punish it,” emphasizes Oleh Bereziuk

“The country is governed by the oligarchy, which does not want and will not run away from power; the power must be taken away from it. To this end, it is necessary to adopt laws on elections, on the abolition of deputy immunity. It is also necessary to cancel the fraudulent formulas “Rotterdam+” and “Dusseldorf +”, introduce the tax on the withdrawn capital and see to the problems smuggling at the customs in order to avoid raising tariffs,” concludes the lawmaker.


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