Oleh Bereziuk: The new law will “spoil the oligarch’s game” and will give a chance to elect a better parliament than it is today

The Samopomich Union faction supported the law on elections on a proportional basis with open lists, drafted by Viktor Chumak and other deputies, which is included in the code, formed by Verkhovna Rada Chairman Andriy Parubiy.

According to the chairman of the Samopomich faction Oleh Bereziuk, this law reflects the interests of the society development, and voting for it will be a key moment of the country’s development.

“Open lists and a proportional system are meant for people to know who they elect, and for political forces to be responsible for those they bring to power.

The oligarchy aspires to self-reproduction. For 15 years they have been using the majority election system in their interests, turning it into business, because in any society there will always be 10-15-20% of people who will agree to sell their vote. Meanwhile, the new law will spoil their game and will give a chance to elect a better parliament than it is today. Once open lists are introduced the oligarchy will no longer be able to hide its vassals in closed lists,” the people’s deputy notes.

Oleh Bereziuk draws attention to the fact that a proportional electoral system with open lists is a prevention of political corruption, and as a result – of financial corruption in the government, which will be formed by the parliament.

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