Oleh Bereziuk: Non arrival of IMF tranche from the IMF is connected with the attempt of the oligarchy to destroy the National Anti-Corruption Bureau

Chairman of the Samopomich faction is convinced that the events with the IMF are closely connected with the attempt of Ukrainian oligarchic – not institutional – state to destroy NABU by appointing an illegitimate “fake” auditor.
“The decision to create NABU was correct. However, now we must preserve this body, develop it, give it additional powers, and also create an Anti-Corruption Court in Ukraine, which could take care of the cases that have “got hung up” – the cases of the oligarchic plunder of the state.
Deputies of the ruling coalition say that it is because of the blockade that the IMF is not delivering the next credit tranche; because of the blockade there will be no possibility to raise pensions. They forget the fact that Ukraine tops all the ratings of corrupt countries. Looking for the money for pensions? Look at the customs! Look at oligarchs! There are billions in offshores,” Oleh Bereziuk said.

Oleh Berezyuk
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