Oleh Bereziuk: No one attacks the strong ones

Russia has always been the biggest threat to Ukraine. The chairman of the Samopomich Union faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Oleh Bereziuk is convinced that “Russia is Ukrainian eternal colonizer.” According to the parliamentarian, in order to win this fight, we need to remember that the strong ones are not attacked. Therefore, we need to build two security belts.

Oleh Bereziuk explains in detail: “Firstly, we need to clearly separate the line of contact and the border with the Russian Federation with a powerful security belt. This should be a belt of powerful rocket technology. A missile state can afford it; we have the capacity to produce missiles en masse. In addition to protection, this will also create workplaces requiring highly intelligent engineers. This will reduce the number of losses of soldiers and will also raise the country’s economy.

Today, developed countries that value man’s life do not fight with soldiers, but with high-tech weapons.”

The second security belt should be in the West. The MP emphasizes, “The Balts, Poles, Hungarians, Romanians – they all know what Russia is capable of from their own experience. Russian propaganda spends huge amounts of money there. Ukraine should have long signed direct military treaties with the Baltic countries, Poles, Hungarians, Romanians and created this security belt. Unfortunately, diplomatic service is not doing this.”

Oleh Bereziuk concludes, “Besides the fact that this creates security and cooperation of the armies, this creates the market as well. Add the population of Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania and several million Balts. This is more than a hundred million. This is a huge market. I think France and Germany would give serious thought about who to lean towards.”

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