Oleh Bereziuk: The residents of Mykolayiv should make a stand for their city

According to the chairman of the Samopomich faction in the parliament Oleh Bereziuk, what has been happening during the last weeks is the harassment of the mayor who was elected by the residents of Mykolayiv and who, along with those residents and the progressive part of the deputy corps, has done a lot in one and a half year.

“I will say as an outsider: comparing a year ago and now – now you are visiting a whole different city. Yes, there are still many shortcomings, a lot of work to be done. But what we are witnessing today is arbitrariness and destabilization in the city council of a very important front-line city of Ukraine. This is happening due to the fact that the mayor has put an end to various corruption schemes. That is why the oligarchic clique, which has emerged on the basis of former Party of Regions’ members and current Petro Poroshenko Bloc’s members, wants to do away with the  high-quality work in a very important city,” says Oleh Bereziuk.

The MP notes that the residents of Mykolayiv elected their mayor in the elections, and these are the people of Mykolayiv themselves who should assess his work during the next elections. “This is a democratic, honest, open way. The people of Mykolayiv should make a stand for their city, not oligarchs and those who serve them. People must be adamant and say – once elections will come, we will decide who will be the mayor of our city, just as we decided two years ago.”

Oleh Bereziuk adds that today the Opposition Bloc and the Petro Poroshenko Bloc are one coalition – a coalition of oligarchs who live off the budget.

“They tried to fill Lviv with rubbish, but we showed, proved their plans to people. Now they are clinging to Mykolayiv, because the city is rising to its feet, has dignity, and the authorities of the city have begun to respect people and hear them. However, they want to make sure these are only their oligarchic orders that are fulfilled. It cannot go on like this anymore,” the chairman of the faction underscores.


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