Oleh Bereziuk: We need to protect local governments from losing money

Chairman of the Samopomich Union faction, Oleh Bereziuk, is convinced that the decision to nationalize “PrivatBank” is correct, because Ukraine needs financial stability, and deposits of citizens must be protected.

However, the politician warns that the situation with the nationalization of the banking institution has the other side of the coin.

“This is probably the biggest robbery of the state budget of the millennium. Who is going to pay for this? Who is going to pay 150 billion? People – through the state budget. Now it is clear why the Government of the country is so persistent in the attempts to scrape off the remnants of local budgets, to centralize all that is possible, to transfer functions to the local government without backing the latter with money. Money is centralized to help the oligarchs,” said the MP.

Oleh Bereziuk believes it is necessary to stop the practice of destruction of the fiscal decentralization, provided for by the draft budget-2017, and to protect local budgets from losing money.

“This means that we need to preserve the retail rate in the budget. In many communities it makes up 60-70% of their development budgets. We have to protect them from pillage through educational and medical subsidies. This is critical, because finally Ukraine has the authorities worth of trust – the local authorities. This is the power of the country,” concludes the deputy.

Oleh Berezyuk
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