Oleh Bereziuk: “We need the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Boryslav and Lysychansk, not at the customs”

Realizing that it lacks 200 billion hryvnias to complete the current financial year, the government is launching an ostensible fight against smuggling, inviting yet another agent to the customs – the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which supposedly should help reduce corruption at the customs.

The head of the Samopomich faction in the Verkhovna Rada Oleh Bereziuk says, “Experience shows that this is going to be yet another agent of corruption; no quality reform will be implemented in such a way.” He is convinced that the reason behind the budget’s constant deficit is in the secretive confederacy of the oligarchic business and the Cabinet of Ministers.

At the same time, the authorities keep ignoring problems in the regions – when Ukrainians suffer from the actions of monopolists and oligarchs. For example, in Boryslav, where people were forced to block the road protesting against the actions of the state enterprise “Ukrnafta”, which is simply destroying the city.

Oleh Bereziuk explains, “People are not allowing Ukrnafta cars to collect oil anymore. In the meantime, Ukrnafta wants to withdraw personal income tax from the city of Boryslav and just leave the city to the mercy of fate. At the same time, according to the data of Ukrnafta itself, 30,000 cubic meters of gas are just blown into the atmosphere every single day. And according to independent auditors, this figure makes up almost 100,000 cubic meters of gas. Yet, we are forced to buy gas at an expensive price, while some old lady in Lviv cannot even cook her food fearing she will have no money to pay for the gas and will not make it till the end of the month with the pension the government gave her.”

Another example of inaction of the authorities can be witnessed in Lysychansk. There is a new coal mine there and the state loses 1 million hryvnias on it every day. “We need the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Boryslav and Lysychansk, not at the customs. We need to restore proper work of state enterprises and to ban the work of illegal enterprises that serve exclusively the oligarchy but do not fill the state budget of the country,” notes Oleh Bereziuk

As long as this does not happen, the government will be always eager to get into people’s pockets, to raise tariffs not only for gas, but also for electricity. “We have filed a lawsuit against an illegal decision to raise electricity prices for schools, hospitals, utilities. This is a mockery of local self-government, which is being robbed today in order to have a hole in the central budget plugged,” says the MP.

Consequently, Samopomich requires the government to immediately take care of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the parliament to adopt a law on the Bureau of Financial Security. “Let us get people’s message across to you. People do not want to suffer obediently. A small rally in Boryslav might grow into a protest of people against the government’s arbitrariness and looting of the Ukrainian budget,” concludes Oleh Bereziuk.

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