Oleh Bereziuk: “Whom are the Ukrainian authorities serving?”

According to the head of the Samopomich Union faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Oleh Bereziuk, yet another massive attack on the independence of Ukraine is taking place nowadays. We are talking about the construction of the “Nord Stream-2”, which could result in the destruction of the Ukrainian gas transportation system. Meanwhile, according to the politician, our gas transportation system today is not only an economic, but also a military shield of Ukraine against the Russian aggression.

“Unless Ukraine stands its ground today, it will disappear as an independent sovereign state,” Oleh Bereziuk says. Therefore, he believes that the government must immediately come up with the strategy of using the gas transportation system and preserving it as a tool of our protection.

However, instead, the authorities continue to indulge abuses in the gas industry. As a result, we have incredible scales of corruption and regular plundering of ordinary Ukrainians’ money. Oleh Bereziuk continues, “On May 1, a new system of granting subsidies was introduced; 20-40% of the Ukrainian population lost subsidies because of this. But does this mean that 40% of Ukraine’s population has suddenly enriched? No, this means that it will be ordinary people, not oligarchs that will have to pay for the government’s blunders.”

There is similar fraud going on with privatization. The people’s deputy expresses his indignation, “Everyone was so happy that fair privatization would finally begin in Ukraine. But what do they start with? With strategic enterprises.

“Turboatom” plant and regional gas companies. Meanwhile, regional gas companies are getting pretty brazen – they are cutting off entire houses from gas supply, and nobody is held responsible for this. Is this how we see privatization, how we see a struggle for the quality of the Ukrainian economy? Of course not”.

Finally, politicians are complaining about Ukrainians moving to other countries. However, the reason for this is not that citizens do not want to work here, they simply want to live qualitatively, and the government is doing nothing to give people this chance.

The MP concludes, “The government today is doing nothing to do away with smuggling at the Ukrainian customs, because it is making money from these illegal schemes itself. Nothing has been done about the issue of European licence plates.

Millions of Ukrainians are being blackmailed by the government today. So a question arises – whom are the Ukrainian authorities serving?”

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