Oleh Bereziuk addressing the Prosecutor General: We demand your immediate resignation!

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine, who not only does not know the Constitution of Ukraine but also violates all possible ethical standards within the walls of the parliament, going in for threatening MPs and insulting them, must be immediately dismissed.

Otherwise, public activists will remain at risk.

The head of the Samopomich Union faction in the Verkhovna Rada Oleh Bereziuk notes, “The Prosecutor General once again demonstrated his “awareness”. He blatantly humiliated people’s deputy Yehor Soboliev, as he had once humiliated me in the workplace. Mediocrity and ignorance of the leadership of the Prosecutor General’s Office lead to the fact that people who are defending the Ukrainian Constitution today are either endangered or die!”

“We demand your immediate resignation, so that professional people who at least know the Constitution can head the highest procedural bodies in the country,” concludes Oleh Bereziuk.

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