Oleh Bereziuk: “The Prosecutor General is acting like a politician and disgraces the Ukrainian law enforcement system”

It is the court that has to give a legal assessment of the video and audio concerning Mikheil Saakashvili, which the Prosecutor General showed whole Tuesday long. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Samopomich Union faction, Oleh Bereziuk.

He emphasizes: “The court will deliver its verdict, and we will see what is happening. I will only say that in the session hall we have deprived at least ten people of parliamentary immunity, whom the Prosecutor General had accused so flamboyantly. However, we see no cases against them in courts. No cases against people who destroyed the Ukrainian statehood in 2013-2014 either. What we do see in courts, however, are the cases and punishment in the form of 13 years of imprisonment for soldiers fighting for Ukraine.”

The MP says that such a situation hurts no one else than the guarantor of the Ukrainian Constitution – the President. He explains: “Today the Prosecutor General is acting as a politician, and not as a procedural person; and this disgraces the Ukrainian law enforcement system. I want to believe the Prosecutor General, the highest procedural person in the country.But I do not believe!”

The lack of trust is also reinforced by the fact that the current government – which is so generous when it comes to accusations against its opponents and which has the law enforcement system siding with it – continues to cover the oligarchy, which continues to plunder the Ukrainian state.

Oleh Bereziuk expresses his indignation: “Where do subsidies paid by the Ukrainian budget for Ukrainian people who cannot stand this burden go? To the oligarchs, of course. What kind of oligarchs? Have they changed in the past three years? No! Today the authorities are in a state of fear and they are fiercely fighting with those who support the NABU, because they know: they have taken over the schemes of the previous regime and do not want to give them away.”

“Remember that time will always be on the side of Ukrainian democracy, and we will defend the Ukrainian institutional state all together,” the deputy concludes.

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